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  Little did we realize how this place would impact couples who spent time here together. The word “celebrate” and “enjoyed to the fullest” began coming up in the very first few entries in the guestbook. A couple from New York City, Philip and Katherine “felt so warmly received when we walked through the door and felt it amazingly conducive to developing our couple-ness.” Tom and Heidi said they traveled quite extensively through this country and quite honestly have never been anywhere that was as well cared for or had as much thought put into it as we felt here.” We along with Donnie and Grace thank God that He has given this vision to some people, of the need of these marriage enrichment get aways.“


We so enjoyed facilitating renewal of Love in marriage.


Below is our attempt to encapsulate the sentiment of a few of those who were here and commented on their stay.

Tim and Olya missionaries from Slovenia at home on furlough said “what a fantastic time and how privileged they were to have found this and enjoyed it just two weeks before returning to the mission field. 

Duane and Stacy said “Wow this place is incredible” 

Enos Jr and Lena said “the best valentine’s day ever”. I offered to pick them up as they are old order Amish and it was a bit of uncomfortable because her husband was completely surprising her. When I picked them up to return home the warmth was amazing.

 From Chad and Trisha “the house and everything about it exceeded our expectations. “We Truly appreciate all the thought you put into each detail to make this a very special and unique place of rest. ‘I cannot find enough words to express how much we enjoyed our stay here and we feel truly blessed to have found a place to stay with a Christian atmosphere.” These two items above were excerpted from a full page neatly written in the Guestbook. 

From a three-page entry Billy and Drema shared that this place was a God-send to them and God knew what they needed and gave it to them before they asked.


 Michelle and George wrote “as you walk into the Little Stone Cottage your journey begins with peace love and togetherness, this cottage is truly a spiritual, magical place.” 

David and Brunela “we feel blessed to have found the perfect romantic get-away. We eagerly look forward to our next visit the Little Stone Cottage has captivated our hearts. 

Aaron and Alyssa say “I was thrilled and we were both delighted by the intentional, detailed design of the cottage. You have crafted it well and we deeply respect your vision to refresh and strengthen marriages. Your commitment to thriving Godly marriages and families is evident and we are grateful for how you are sharing it with others.” 

Richard and Cindy wrote that “there are no words, descriptions, pictures or any technology that could even do justice to the beauty and serenity of this beautiful, wonderful and romantic cottage.” 


Danny and Alecia wrote “WOW let us use the first word when we arrived. This is one of the most comfortable places we ever stayed on a getaway. We appreciate the beautiful home and the comfort. Your families love and togetherness certainly shows throughout the house.” 

Al and Bonnie said “Wow 😊What a perfect place. We love how peaceful & Romantic you have made this cottage. You really have gone to the extreme with all the welcoming and thoughtful details your family has done to create a welcoming retreat.” 

George and Tracy remarked that “what we found when we arrived was much beyond our expectations. We immediately felt the warm presence that only comes from knowing the Lord and wanting to serve others in unique way. Thankyou for creating this haven of love for all who come to the Little Stone Cottage.”


A few couples came here specifically to try to Iron out some of the issues of the marriage relationship. One lady wrote in a text the week before arrival saying: “To be honest with you this visit to the cottage is a last-ditch effort to save our marriage.” Tears stung my eyes as I contemplated what she was telling me. When I visited with them after about 4- days of their week’s rental being past they were very much on speaking and touching terms and let me know God is an awesome redeemer. 


Sometimes when we invest time in each other and see the need “to come apart, before we come apart,” there is hope and help. In spite of what people write we know the cottage has no magic of its own. What we do know and understand is what is inferred by this sentiment. But again, God in His mercy calls us back to him for healing and touches our wounds and can set us free if we ask, seek and knock (and touch each other lovingly from our hearts.) As long as The Little Stone Cottage is here our prayer is: that Love, Hope and Adventure will flow out of it as couples experience refreshment and peace, as they take time to finish discussions and questions that they face in life together. We invite any truly married couple to participate in hearing the quiet of Gods call as he ministers to you through time taken to discover more of His eternal goodness. God truly meant for ravishing love to be wonderful bonding activity that heals and blesses. It takes time and effort to find real intimacy sometimes. We so desire for this place to be conducive to a couple enjoying sweet and blissful ravishing love. We invite you to experience that reverence and delight during you stay here.


Again if you were here and recognize your names contact me for 15% off of your next stay.



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