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                      God’s Divine Purpose for Marriage                      
by Roman Stoltzfoos 2014
God created marriage in the beginning and ever since that time the devil has been fighting this institution with every weapon he can muster. He for some very good reasons fears the results of a good marriage. If the real reasons according to God’s eternal word are understood, marriage will be a serious threat to the kingdom of darkness.
   No “shackin up” arrangement will work because it ignores God’s order and same sex arrangements won’t work because it ignores that God “made them male and female.” In fact neither arrangement works because they are only satanic counterfeits of the real thing.  Remarriage after divorce with a living spouse, is a direct affront to God’s plan for marriage being a till death bond. If someone could muster accurate statistics for all three of those shams I suspect they would make traditional marriage (even with the very human element) look even better.
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man “or woman” soweth, that shall he also reap. You disobey you pay!
Lets consider some important questions! Of the following four principles on marriage…
What if the number one purpose for marriage would NOT be oneness?
What if it would be fruitfulness? Genesis 1:28
What if the second reason would be the helpful wife? Gen 2:18
And then what if the Third principle was the cleaving husband? Genesis 2:24
And then what if the last and fourth principal would be oneness after the cleaving. “ They two shall be one flesh!”
How would this change the success of marriage between one man and one woman? How would it affect how long it lasts?
Maybe you think the order we see here is by chance, but I do not believe that it is!  I believe that if the rest of the scriptures on marriage are carefully considered these principals still are in affect today and to the extent that we honor them we will be blessed and a good marriages will be a bright light in the gathering darkness.
May your marriage be that and more as you walk together in unity of purpose and serve side by side with vigor, the very God that designed this blessing to aid the human race! His design is perfect!
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