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Our prayer is that the Little Stone Cottage Rental would be a place of escape from the busyness (business) of life for married couples.  Whether they be brand new and on the their honeymoon or celebrating many years of the marital journey? We pray that it would be a place where marriages can be blessed by retreating from the hustle and bustle to a quiet spot where spirits are renewed, souls reunited and refreshed, and bodies rested and ravished.  Maybe there will be some tears of repentance or joy! (There’s tissues here for those tears) and God will take note! In all we want you to feel pampered and blessed by each other, by the quiet romantic atmosphere, by God's very presence and grace.  We hope this would be a place where hearts can be overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy for the carefully designed companionship in marriage.

   We believe marriage was designed by God to bless the world with a picture of Christ’s relationship with the church.  God’s grace designed marriage to be safe haven for the blessing and expression of sexual passion and romance. This fulfills our God given need of love and passionate intimacy. This should be desired and enjoyed by both the husband and the wife.  We hope you as a married couple will add to your good memories and recount God’s goodness to you, during your stay here.  God’s heart for marriage is that even through trials, you will experience a growing peace, oneness, and fulfillment as you love and walk together. 

    From the creation of Adam and Eve, God’s unique blessing was on marriage.  He is just as concerned today, with the success of marriage, as He ever was.  We believe according to the Bible, God designed the marriage relationship to be one man and one woman, for life.  God’s sovereignty brought together couples from the beginning, and He greatly desires for them to experience a deep and delightful romantic attraction for each other that gets better with time.  We hope that a break from the cares of life to this romantic getaway will renew your appreciation for God’s plan for your marriage and help you to be a generous, servant lover.  We also pray that every amenity at the cottage would encourage you to bask in God’s blessing and be swept away by the sweet blissful rapture of shared touch.

  We pray this for every true marriage that celebrates here. We pray that the creator God would be dear to them as individuals and give generously wisdom and a desire to truly bless one another as they grow together in Christ.  We pray that unified desire for each other would become a powerful force in your life together.  As you grow in Christ, you will grow closer to each other.  God himself will minister to your needs as individuals and as a couple when you ask in faith, for his special anointing on your relationship.  Thank you for coming and being a part of our vision for this place.  May God richly bless and keep your marriage as one of his choice creations.       


 Roman and Lucy             Revised  March 2016

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