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Is Planning Ahead Really Necessary?

Planning ahead could seem a bit unusual in the Airbnb world but it is useful.

In the day of quick stops and drive-throughs there is still good reasons to plan ahead.

romantic getaway dinner

Here’s one: It has been said that about 1/3 of the joy of an event is planning and anticipation, about 1/3 is experiencing it, and 1/3 is the memories.

If that's not enough, there’s a few other reasons to consider when planning a getaway.

1. It shows that you are thinking about and willing to invest in the future of your relationship.

Maybe you just need a few brownie points? If you are “the keeper of the flame” in your marriage... just do it. Plan it. Be one who initiates. Are you the one who normally lets your spouse do the planning? Well,… its time to surprise them.

2. The last reason but not necessarily the best one, is that you can do it at a discount.

For a limited time (until September 15th) we will offer you any available date (that's booked and paid for) in the future at 10% off and any available date in September at 20% off.

Now that is enough of reason to celebrate!! If you love loving your spouse and enjoy loving on your marriage, just invest in it… Ok, I know being spontaneous is a romantic thought but for most that's where it stops. A thought. You know, its kinda like, “actions speak louder than words." We could debate that perhaps but suffice it to say that planning does add to your getaway and to the enjoyment of your time together.

Things were pretty quiet at the Little Stone Cottage the last part of August but now that schools are in session, inquires have been many. It follows a predictable pattern; most people/couples can only think effectively about one thing at a time.

Recently I was ask what is included in a stay at The Little Stone Cottage and, “Why should we come to the Little Stone rather than a cheaper place?” That's a really good question if you are planning a getaway to “wow” your spouse.

Those of you eho were here before can comment below if you wish and share reasons why you would come back, but this was my answer.

"People come for different reasons... It so much depends on what people are looking for in planning a getaway from the rat race.

For some, they want quiet-time to finish conversations.

Some just want to go to a different place.

Some enjoy the hot tub.

Others enjoy the massage table in the cozy basement by fireplace and the trickling fountain in the winter.

Or the notebooks with games, questions and articles to discuss and enjoy.

In summer people enjoy the hammock on the patio and the peace and serenity and pretty flowers.

Others just rave about the farm fresh food, like the organic raw milk, eggs, yogurt, and granola grape-nuts.

Some rave about the big comfortable bed.

And some really enjoy the marriage building, reading material?

A recent guestbook entry said it well,“the music the library, the hammock, the detail, the farm treats, the personality, all cultivate intense intimacy!!

the little stone cottage

I also told the questioner that,“Some places we know of that you could choose, have one or two of the above. At the Little Stone Cottage you have all of the above. We honestly do not know of another place like The Little Stone Cottage.” Many of you that were here told us this place tops them all. That is one of the many reasons we so highly recommend it to you! We believe that a marriage is worth the extras for celebrating and that 'intense intimacy' as the guestbook entry put it is something couples dream about. Sometimes it's worth all the resources you can muster and a little planning to boot.

By the way salt and pepper toilet paper, towels, and coffee and tea and much more are included as well.

Please let us know how we can serve you further. The Little Stone Cottage facilitates true celebration. And a little planning goes a long way.

To book your romantic getaway, I prefer a text at 717-278-1070. Please identify yourself and mention the Fall Discount on your text and I will get right back to you. Some of you were waiting for this deal. Now you've got it!


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