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Some Definitions Of Love To Think About

Love truly is a mystery.

Love can never be fully defined. It is divine and pure. It is an emotional attachment that goes beyond body attributes.  No words can completely define the love between a husband and wife. It is a beautiful relationship where two people want to spend their life together. They want to experience each other, the good and the bad.

Obviously, every relationship has ups and downs, but the love between the couple makes them go through these down times and find solutions to problems. Couples do get angry at each other, and they do argue, but the love makes them solve the issues and get over themselves and each other. When there is true love, they can't stay mad at each other for a long time. Some days you are madly in Love and some days you are just mad at your Love. 😊

Love is being there for each other even if the whole world is against them. Trusting each other and staying loyal in a relationship. It is a beautiful feeling that reflects in the eyes of the couple implying to each other that they are all world for them, and nothing can separate them.

It has already been pointed out that marriage is more than love. Indeed, it must be fed by love, but in essence, it is the deep communion of life. What true love seeks is realized in marriage. Love becomes "serious" because it concerns the whole of human life.  We were created for an exclusive activity in marriage. We do monogamy on purpose. Love in spite of not because of.  Marriage consists of a life of work and worry, joy and sorrow, sickness, and health. It involves being young and becoming old together, dealing with small and big problems, coping with internal and external troubles, and facing individual and social questions. Yet all considered in loving communication with each other.

A great many days, weeks, months, and years are shared. During this long period - should the Lord grant it - the couple lives together in intimacy, which reveals all. It soon becomes apparent that big things can matter very little, while small things can become dreadfully big. Often over an insignificant matter a great quarrel springs up. Marriage can show how any person can become terribly small.

Love must accept the other person with all his or her peculiarities, weaknesses, and pettiness. “Love” prepares a home and makes it a “love nest” for the other. In this nest, some of the sweetest moments are shared and enjoyed to the depth of our souls. Marriage and the family provide a resting place, a natural haven from the hectic pace of modern life. No strained or artificial manners are necessary at home; one can be oneself there. Kindness is the rule of love.

There is another side to the coin. The freedom and intimacy of the home will always reveal what kind of people live there. In it, one cannot camouflage oneself. Therefore, family relationships must be handled with care. A marriage must have the inner strength to bear everything. Charity suffers long. I Cor 13:4 is not a common title for a wedding message. Go figure. Not what most couples sign up for when getting married.

True love is when you are happiest seeing someone you love happy. Doing things for them and helping them in any way you can. Being there to support them when times are hard, or the mood is bad. Never talking bad about them but speaking of their good qualities. Always have their back. It’s true this is rare. You can be the example though and don’t ever accept being mistreated. Tell your spouse what hurt, then forgive and move on. It’s never picture-perfect. Working through hard times together is what builds a strong bond. Just make sure you understand the difference between being treated badly and being supportive when the going is tough.

Weddings happen in churches, temples, courts, or wedding halls. Marriages happens in the heart. Loving someone, not because they are very similar to us, but because we love the differences in them, is the basis of a good marriage. With my wife, I feel like I want to give everything away to her, for the differences in her are so beautiful that she will know how to use everything I give in a better, more beautiful manner. I feel complete with her and that has nothing to do with how she looks, how successful she is, what was her past, where she is from, or what language she speaks. It is what and how she does things differently from me that is so beautiful. We are the nearest pieces in this giant jigsaw of puzzle called the world. 

We are husband and wife. Sexual love is a miracle and a metaphor. How to love someone kind of like myself but so differently. A person so very different yet we do fit intimately together like two pieces of a puzzle. Not only fit together but very pleasurably so as one opens to receive the other in an intense exchange of glory, love, honor, and soul-drenching pleasure.  

This article is written with three goals in mind. 

  1. To remind you to make the most of the love you found and share with that special someone. 

  2. To remind you two to make the most of life together. 

  3. To make you aware that we have too many close and further out openings at the cottage. Take advantage of them. Use this place to say I love you to your one and only. Say you are special enough to me that I want to spend more quality time with you in a romantic setting away from the cares of life. Plan and feel the joy of anticipation. Invest in your future together.  Text Roman at 717-278-1070 and book a stay. It's that simple. Do it now. Enjoy your spouse while you have one. 

Still not sure if it's worth the investment of time resources? Check out our most recent review:

“We absolutely love the Little Stone Cottage! We’ve been coming here for several years now. There’s so much attention to detail inside and out.  As soon as you step through the door, any tension you may have been carrying melts away. There’s soft music playing; a beautifully set table; a well-stocked kitchen; a lovely deck with hot tub; upstairs, a very comfortable king-size bed; a beautiful shower for two; and mood lighting 😉. Down the basement, there is a leather couch that sits in front of a large stone fireplace, a massage table, French doors that open out onto a patio, and a beautifully landscaped yard and pond. There are numerous books all focused on making your marriage better. Every year we return we can’t imagine how the LSC could possibly get better, but Roman and Lucy always seem to make the LSC better. We just left today, but we’re already looking forward to going back. Thank you, Roman and Lucy!”

-Elizabeth Monfort 


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